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All in one Software Suite.
With Dealer Solutions Software there is only one answer to all of your dealership needs.  This multi-integrated management software suite provides dealers with some of the best solutions for:

►   Car Dealer Software Solutions
►   Posting Cars on Craigslist
►   Dealership Websites
►   Mobile Phone Websites
►   Marketing Inventory
►   Managing Buy Here, Pay Here
►   Quality Technical Support

All in one software suite just $249/mo.
Everything's included with this packaged deal.  $98 per month in savings when you bundle.

Marketing Center / Craigslist Tool Car Dealership Websites Dealer Management Software
Post Cars on CraigslistBe a part of the Dealer Solutions Marketing Center craigslist ads currently being viewed by MILLIONS of customers.  Quick and easy HTML posting templates for  Just $49/mo. Car Dealership WebsitesOpen your dealership 24/7 with a Dealership Website.  Professional designs and quality hosting, mobile solutions, and management included. 
Just $149/mo
Dealer Management SoftwareAdd inventory and expenses, print your deal paperwork, and maintain your customers and accounts with Dealer Solutions Software for Independent car dealers.  Just $199/mo
DSS VS. the Competition Get it ALL for $1/mo! Partners & Integrations
Dealer Solutions Software vs. other software companiesWhy go with us over someone else?  Our customers represent just a small portion of the independent dealer market and we are proud of that.  See what separates us from other software companies and you'll know if we are a good fit for your business.  Our Philosophy Dealer Solutions Software pricing and rewards programIt's true! Earn discounts for referrals and soon your entire software suite will cost you just $1 a month. Join our Rewards Program and soon you'll be bragging to other dealers how much you pay for your software!  Rewards Program Dealer Solutions partners and integrationsWhat makes a good product great? Aligning your software with other great companies. We have done just that making it simple to send and retrieve data with other companies. If you need your inventory to go somewhere, we'll get it there!  Integrations List

Customer Testimonials! Our customers have been overwhelming with their praise for our software and support! Read what they are saying about their experience.

►  Customer Comments!

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